Innovate with powerful lending and tokenization primitives

Build products from embedded financing to loan management systems on best-in-class infrastructure with native compliance, security, and liquidity.

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Asset-agnostic lending orderbook

Leverage efficient, unopinionated infrastructure to create composable financial products, deploy sophisticated strategies, and run advanced liquidation bots.

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Unlock a global liquidity network for real-world assets

Medici enables the creation of regulatory-compliant, versatile blockchain tokens for any asset class with functionality from confidential transfers to protocol composability restrictions.

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Confidential transfers
Protocol composability
Compliance rulesets
Granular transaction controls


Earn revenue with embedded financing

Bridgesplit handles the technology, compliance, and capital markets to enable marketplaces, custodians, and other platforms to offer asset-based lending collateralized by specialty assets like IP, spirits, and digital assets.

Fuel activity

Fast and flexible set-up

Capital markets network

Effortless compliance

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Loan Management

Launch flexible, in-house lending products with less work

Access everything you need for scalable loan management, underwriting, and servicing powered by the speed, efficiency, and reliability of blockchain.

Customized products

White-labeled borrower portal

Automated workflows

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