A more flexible and efficient way to borrow

Bridgesplit is blockchain infrastructure for the next generation of capital markets for digital and tokenized assets.

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Reinventing open capital markets

Borrow global and digital assets against complex and novel collateral types on a fixed-rate, orderbook-style market.

Fixed rates

Lock in borrowing costs through customizable terms.

Complex collateral

Leverage LP positions, natively staked assets, real-world assets, and more.


Access better rates and higher collateralization factors with a market-based rate model.

Flexible parameters

Configure multi-asset positions with custom terms across new markets.

Isolated risk

Segregated, non-rehypothecated collateral minimizes credit and counterparty risk.

Prime features

Access sophisticated functionality including on/off-ramps and embedded compliance.

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Join the Closed Beta to borrow and lend on the next generation of on-chain capital markets.

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Borrow and lend with more control and flexibility

Unlike other protocols with rates based on deterministic or inefficient models, Bridgesplit’s orderbook unlocks market-driven rates with customizable collateral types, LTVs, rates, and durations.

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Access sophisticated solutions with Prime

Tap into a comprehensive suite of asset-based lending solutions built with institutional-grade compliance and security. We offer financing you can trust, for trading firms, small businesses, early employees, project teams and more.

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Multi-Party Computation Wallets
Embedded Fiat On/Off-Ramps
Segregated Collateral Vaults
Counterparty Controls


Unlock on-chain liquidity with Medici

Medici streamlines creation of sophisticated digital assets with powerful compliance primitives for seamless and configurable composability with blockchain liquidity.

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Empowering financial innovation

We’re committed to building an efficient, resilient, and transparent financial system for the digital economy.

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