Borrow, lend, and build on best-in-class capital markets infrastructure

Bridgesplit offers a new level of flexibility, capital efficiency, and security so businesses can unlock growth with asset-based lending.

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Connect to capital

Scale your business by leveraging alternative assets to access flexible, cost-efficient debt capital.

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Access opportunities with configurable risk-return profiles

Tap into the growing demand for permissionless finance through customizable  opportunities with granular risk controls over collateral, counterparties, and terms.

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Confidential Transfers

Enable confidential borrowing and lending while still assuring counterparty verifications.

KYC and AML Compliance

Exercise granular control on who you're borrowing from and lending to with embedded compliance rules.

Custom Risk Management

Define a customized risk profile by lending against collateral you select at rates you select.

Segregated Collateral Vaults

Reduce risk with loan-specific collateral smart contract vaults instead of global collateral pools.


Offer asset-based financing to your customers

Marketplaces, custodians, and asset management platforms can seamlessly offer asset-based financing, unlocking new revenue streams and growth opportunities.

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Fast, flexible integration
Embedded liquidity network
Seamless user experience
Turnkey compliance

Capital markets solutions for businesses

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