Capital for customers on your platform

Marketplaces, custodians, and other asset platforms use Bridgesplit to offer flexible, asset-based financing to their customers.

Who can use Bridgesplit?

Marketplaces, custodians, and other asset platforms use Bridgesplit to offer flexible, asset-based financing to their customers.

Traditional Asset Servicers

Facilities and asset custodians custodying physical or financial assets on behalf of customers can use Bridgesplit to expand into financial services.
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Marketplaces and Exchanges

Marketplaces and exchanges facilitating trading for physical or financial assets use Bridgesplit to offer seller or purchase financing to their customers.
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Blockchain Platforms

Tokenization, "RWA", and trading platforms use Bridgesplit to provide embedded borrowing and purchase financing options to users.
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Turn your funnel into a flywheel

Succeed when your customers succeed

Fuel your customers' growth with flexible, asset-backed financing solutions.

Unlock additional revenue streams

Generate new revenue with your existing customer base without expending resources.

Strengthen relationships

Deepen brand loyalty with a low-lift and seamless experience.

Low-lift, complete infrastructure

Fast and flexible setup

Get to market efficiently with a white-labeled borrower platform, an embedded portal, or direct API integration.

Effortless compliance

Ensure your business and your customers repmain compliant while we manage KYC, licenses, agreements, and filings.

Capital markets network

Conserve balance-sheet capital and marketing resources by connecting to our network of institutional lenders.

Quality user experience

Our platform is easy-to-use for borrowers and we offer 24/7 support so you can know your customers are in good hands.

Increased activity

Leverage a number of financing products like buy-now-pay-later within your platform to accelerate volume and revenue.

Transparent and configurable

View loan activity on your platform at any time and control eligible borrowers and lenders on your partner dashboard.

How it works


Establish shared asset provenance

Whether you manage assets in a spreadsheet, with an inventory management software, or on the blockchain, Bridgesplit will collaborate with you to established a shared source of truth for asset ownership and identification data.


Create offers

Bridgesplit will assess assets and create offers for eligible candidates. Bridgesplit employs asset-based underwriting, broadening access to capital. You can choose to present offers directly in your platform or to market them via email.


Bridgesplit handles the day-to-day

After a customer accepts an offer, they will receive the funds within 24 hours. Bridgesplit handles everything from customer support to servicing. Platforms maintain oversight into the program through a dedicated dashboard.


Strengthen your connection with customers

Unlike traditional banks or lenders, Bridgesplit integrates seamlessly with your platform and brand, meaning customers deepen their relationship with you, not a third-party.